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Our Story

TRY Australia was founded in 1883 with the spirit and ethos of William Mark Forster who believed in the innate ability of the young people who participated in the programs he established and constantly assured young people that if they were prepared to try they would be amazed at what they could accomplish. 'In fact' he told them: 'we should consider ourselves a TRY Society'.

Initially, TRY Australia developed youth clubs and provided trade training as a constructive answer to the juvenile delinquency problems of that time. Since then, TRY Australia has broadened its reach and developed programs to meet the ever changing needs of disadvantaged young people, long term unemployed and families who live in Victoria.

Today, TRY Australia’s programs include: vocational programs for the long-term unemployed, literacy & numeracy educational programs, employment programs for the disadvantaged sector of the community, preschool education through our 30 preschools that provide affordable kindergarten and childcare plans which reflect the educational, cultural, and social values specific to each community in which we operate.

A summary of our programs and services is as follows:

  • Child Care Centres
  • Kindergartens
  • Kinder Cluster Management
    Providing community kindergartens with a Department of Education and Early Childhood Development approved model of management support for families and secure employment for staff
  • First Friends
  • Mentoring in the Hood (MITH)
  • One-to-One Mentoring
  • Property Maintenance
  • Mega Bingo
  • TRY Build
  • TRY Clean
  • TRY Learning


Our Vision:

Our preferred future for TRY in 2020

Victoria’s enterprising social investor
Helping those who need it most

Our Purpose:

TRY delivers a brighter future through learning and community programmes . . . for those who TRY!

Our Values:

In all that we do we will:

Involve and get involved in our communities
Be loyal, dedicated and positive
Make ideas happen
Invest in those who TRY

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