TRY Australia is pleased to announce we are welcoming another centre and community into the TRY Children’s Services family this October. Bruthen Street Kindergarten is located in the South-East Melbourne suburb of Moorabbin.

Centre Director and kindergarten teacher Bronwyn Burns, understand the needs of children, families and the community, after working as an educator for over 17 years. The Bruthen Street Kindergarten has been part of the community for over 55 years, and Bronwyn says:
“Over the 55 years the centre has been utilised by local families year after year. We now have families who came here as children, who are now grandparents, and their children and now grandchildren come here. It has been a positive evolution and journey”.

Bruthen Street Kindergarten’s teaching approach is aligned to TRY’s philosophy and commitment to the development and growth of children and young people. Both committed to understanding, adapting and listening to the needs of children as well as offering play-based programs. With the intention to support the transition to school, the kindergarten caters for three and four year olds and is conveniently located between three local schools, allowing easy drop off and pick up for busy parents with large families.

An important focus for Bruthen Street Kindergarten is also integrating cultural awareness and sustainability practises within the play-based programs. Bronwyn says:
“We have a water tank on site, and we recycle the water we use for our garden, and we also have a worm farm, which the children really enjoy”.

Overall, Bruthen Street Kindergarten’s staff and practises continue to operate with flexibility and adaptability to ensure they cater to the needs of a generation. We welcome the families of Bruthen Street Kindergarten to our TRY Children’s Services family, and look forward to supporting the growth and development of your child and collaborating with the Moorabbin community.


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