We are pleased to announce another centre is to join TRY’s suite of 40+ early learning centres – Heidelberg Preschool.

The centre caters for three and four year old’s, supporting and transitioning children to begin their schooling journey. Centre Director Tracey Brenan has over 20 years’ experience as an educator as well as qualifications in art, science and primary school teaching.

Celebrating their 70th birthday this year the centres stand out and jaw-dropping feature is the incredible outdoor space. With the feeling of being in the Australian bush, the children spend hours playing and exploring. Tracey says:

“Some of the children have no backyards, or little city backyards, so this outdoor space is a great value add for both the children and their families. We also use the outdoor space within our programs, from playing with mud, to enjoying toy boat races in the creek”.

Based on the Reggio Emilia philosophy, the kindergarten is committed to reflecting the values of the community and of course listening to the needs and voices of children to influence the delivery of programs. The kindergarten currently delivers a play-based approach through art programs, and open-ended programs, which ignite the curiosity and development of children.

We warmly welcome Heidelberg Preschool to the TRY Children’s Services family! Also, keep your eyes peeled for the centres upcoming events such as their annual art show (Nov 4) and their 70th birthday celebrations later this year.